Austin Coca-Cola Bottling Company Minnesota

Austin Coca-Cola Bottling Company P.O. Box 1028 Austin, Minnesota 55912 $0.29 U.S. Postage Meter AUSTIN JUL 25 '91 MINN.
Austin Minnesota BCN7661 
On August 8, 2002, second generation bottler Charles "Chuck" Wilson, owner of the Austin Coca-Cola Bottling Company, sold the 78-year-old family-owned company to Eagan, Minnesota-based Midwest Coca-Cola Bottling Company. As part of the transaction, Rochester Coca-Cola Bottling Company, owned by the Wilson family since 1957 was also sold to Midwest.

Chuck Wilson moved to Austin, Minnesota in 1924 when his father George purchased 50% interest in The Austin Bottling Works. He joined his father and brother in the bottling business in March 1947 when he returned home from serving in the Army Air Corps in Japan. After George passed away in 1956, the two brothers continued to expand the bottling business and acquired Rochester Coca-Cola Bottling Company in 1957. Jim retired in 1982 and Chuck bought out Jim's shares.

On December 1, 1986, Chuck and four other Coca-Cola bottlers bought the Pine City, Minnesota and Rice Lake, Wisconsin Coca-Cola Bottling companies and joined their franchise areas to form the St. Croix Valley Bottling Company. The business operations of St. Croix Valley was handled by Viking Coca-Cola Bottling Company of St. Cloud.

Coca-Cola bottler Chuck Wilson passed away on April 19, 2020.  He was 97 years old.

Austin Bottling Works, Inc. was founded in 1924 by George Wilson and his father-in-law Dr Charles Lewis. The first plant was located at 400 Second St. N.E.  Then the plant moved to 403 Fourth Ave. N.E. by 1930. In 1949, a new plant was constructed at 1600 First Ave. N.E and was in use until it was sold to Midwest Coca-Cola Bottling Company.

E Van Milders Kempische Bottelarij Belgium

Aangenomen Concessionaris van The Coca-Cola Exp. Corp.112. Graatakker TURNHOUT
Postmark: TURNHOUT 7-2-53.15 A A
Postage Stamps: Belgium 4F (2F Pair) Airmail
Addressed to: National Geographic Society, 16th & M Street Northwest, Washington 6, D.C., U.S.A.
Turnhout Belgium BCN7660

Emile Van Milders began bottling Coca-Cola in Belgium in 1949.  The family sold the bottling operations in Belgium and France to Coca-Cola Enterprises in 1996 for $915 Million.

Guayaquil Bottling Company Ecuador

Guayaquil Bottling Company Embotelladores Autorizados de Coca-Cola P.O. Box 798 Guayaquil Ecuador S.A. Ecuador Postage 43 Sucres Airmail to LIma Peru Hand stamp JUL -6 1944 Back of cover arrival postmark PERU Jul 6 1944
Guayaquil Ecuador BCN7641
Guayaquil Ecuador BCN7641

Coca-Cola G.m.b.H Essen Germany

Coca-Cola G.m.b.H Postfach 10 07 61 Max-Keith-Str. 66 4330 Essen 1 (BCN7628) Postage Meter: Deustche Bundespost 080 B 02 2348 Postmark: ESSEN 111 22.12.86 4300 Slogan Cancel: TRINK Coca-COla SCHUTZMARKE Coke SCHUTZMARKE (BCN7631) Postage Meter: Deustche Bundespost 080 B 02 2348 ESSEN 111 15.12.88 4300 Slogan Cancel: TRINK Coca-Cola/Coke [Wave Device] SCHUTZMARKEN KOFFEINHALTIG
Essen Germany BCN7628
Essen Germany BCN7631

Lodz Coca-Cola Bottlers Ltd Poland

Lodz Coca-Cola Bottlers Ltd. 91-203 Lodz, ul. Traktorowa 170 tel. (0 42) 40 71 41 (do 43) fax (0 42) 40 71 44 Postmark: 1993-11-10 LODZ 59 Poland 14000 Zloty Registered cover to Berlin Germany Handstamp Coca-Cola West Poland Sp. z o. o 15 NOV 1993 Eingang Geschaftsfurung
Lodz Poland BCN7633

Ft. Scott Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Kansas

Ft. Scott Coca-Cola Bottling Co. 301 East Wall Street, Fort Scott, Kansas Postmark: FORT SCOTT, KANS. SEP 26 7-PM 1949 First Class 3C Thomas Jefferson stamp
Fort Scott Kansas BCN7635

Compañía Coca-Cola de México S.A. Mexico D.F.

Compañía Coca-Cola de México S.A, Avenida Oaxaca Num. 60 Mexico, D.F. La union y el trabajo nos darán la victoria Postmark: Servicio Aéreo Mexico D.F. 29 JUL 43 20 Addressed to Mr. C.P. Handy Guayaquil Bottling Co. Casilla 798 Guayaquil, Ecuador, Sud-America Mexican Postage 50 Centavos.  Back of cover arrival postmark: Guayaquil.
Mexico City BCN7638

Coca-Cola Bottling Company Inc Bloomington Indiana

This illustrated cover of the Coca-Cola Bottling Company, Inc. Bloomington, Indiana was postmarked November 4, 1936 in Bloomington.  1936 was the year of Coca-Cola's 50th Anniversary.

The left side of the envelope has the standard illustration of a hand holding an open Coke bottle with a straw.  To the right of the hand is the 50th Anniversary Coca-Cola 1886-1936 emblem.

Located at 318 S. Washington Street, Bloomington, Indiana, the two-story Coca-Cola bottling plant was built in 1924.  Coca-Cola bottling operation continued at this location until 1989.  The building was listed in the National Registry of Historic Places in 2000.

Bloomington Indiana BCN7637
The envelope was addressed to the Nurre Companies in Bloomington.   Headquartered in Bloomington,  Nurre Companies, Inc. was a glass company founded by Joseph M. Nurre originally as the Nurre Mirror Plate Company in 1912.  The company closed in 1964 after filing bankruptcy.

Coca-Cola G.m.b.H United States Military Sales Liederbach Germany

Coca-Cola G.m.b.H. United States Military Sales Sindlinger Weg 1 D-6327 Liederbach West Germany Postage Meter LIEDERBACH AM TAUNUS1 6237 19.9.90 DEUTSCHE BUNDESPOST 0100 C41 698C Slogan cancel TRINK Coca-Cola Coke SCHUTZMARKEN KOFFEINHALTIG (September 19, 1990)
Liederbach West Germany BCN7632

The Coca-Cola Export Corporation Milan Italy

The Coca-Cola Export Corporation Filiale Italiana Casella Postale 1177 20101 Milano Postage Meter  MILANO 24.10.89 POSTE ITLALIANE 3850 Lira
Milan Italy BCN7630

Coca-Cola S.A. Zurich Switzerland

Coca-Cola S.A. Postbach, 8048 Zürich Postage Meter: 8048 ZÜRICH 48 14.8.86 ALISTETTEN - VIII 982 HELVETIA 0110 6078 (August 14, 1986 - 110 Ct)
Zurich Switzerland BCN7629