Coca-Cola Bottling Company Inc Bloomington Indiana

This illustrated cover of the Coca-Cola Bottling Company, Inc. Bloomington, Indiana was postmarked November 4, 1936 in Bloomington.  1936 was the year of Coca-Cola's 50th Anniversary.

The left side of the envelope has the standard illustration of a hand holding an open Coke bottle with a straw.  To the right of the hand is the 50th Anniversary Coca-Cola 1886-1936 emblem.

Located at 318 S. Washington Street, Bloomington, Indiana, the two-story Coca-Cola bottling plant was built in 1924.  Coca-Cola bottling operation continued at this location until 1989.  The building was listed in the National Registry of Historic Places in 2000.

Bloomington Indiana BCN7637
The envelope was addressed to the Nurre Companies in Bloomington.   Headquartered in Bloomington,  Nurre Companies, Inc. was a glass company founded by Joseph M. Nurre originally as the Nurre Mirror Plate Company in 1912.  The company closed in 1964 after filing bankruptcy.

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